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Youtube Vanced 2021: Youtube is one of the most popular app that provides you with unlimited fun and entertainment. Everyone loves to watch videos on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp but the most important app used to watch videos is Youtube. But on the other side, there are so many issues that people faced while watching videos on Youtube. One of the biggest issues of Youtube is Advertisements that come in every video whether it’s of a few seconds. Another horrible issue of Youtube is that you cannot play any music in the background.

youtube vanced

Youtube Vanced

For this reason, we came up with the solution to every problem of Youtube and that is Youtube Vanced. Yes, Youtube Vanced apk is the modded Youtube app that is designed with so many cool features that are lacked by official Youtube. By downloading this Youtube Vanced you can watch Youtube videos without any advertisement, isn’t cool?  So there will be no fuss of useless ads while you are enjoying your favorite movie or drama. By downloading this incredible apk app you can avoid wasting your time that is served in watching the advertisements.

Another best feature of Youtube Vanced is that you can play music or videos in the background even when your phone screen is off. In that case, you do not need to stick to the application as you can enjoy the music and videos while doing your other tasks. There are so many additional features of Youtube Vanced that are lacked by official Youtube.

Youtube Vanced Apk is designed by the XDA Developers and this app keeps on updating by its developers whenever the official Youtube gets updated. In addition, this app contains all the content that is available on the official Youtube so there is no stress that you will watch the limited videos.



The following are the most important features of Youtube Vanced. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Blocked Ads:

One of the best features of Youtube Vanced is that it blocked all the ads that appear while you are watching videos on Youtube. In this way, the user can keep on enjoying the videos without any delay or pause. Also, the user’s time will not be wasted as there will be no advertisement.

Plays music in the background:

Another great feature of this app is that you can play and listen to music in the background as you do not need to stay on the application, even if you minimize the Youtube app. Moreover, the music that will be played will be the same as the music played by music player apps.

Incredible Themes:

It also comes with so many themes so pick your favorite one and apply. This app is designed with various theme colors including white, black or, dark so; choose your favorite theme color. In that way, you will get rid of the boring themes of official Youtube.

Picture-in-Picture mode:

This app is also designed with another fantastic feature and that is Picture-in-picture mode. This feature allows the user to use other applications while watching videos on Youtube. Thus, you can enjoy videos along with completing your other tasks.

Default Video Resolution:

By using this feature the user can set default video resolution on Wi-Fi and mobile. Once you have set the video resolution then it will remain the same for all the videos being played on this app.

Default Playing Video:

With the help of the default playing video features, you do not need to click on the video again and again to play it. Simply, the user needs to select this option and the video will be played automatically.

Override Maximum Resolution:

Youtube Vanced also comes with the feature of Override maximum resolution.

Repeat Mode:

By using this amazing feature you can repeat the video by selecting the video in repeat mode. After selecting the repeat mode the video will be played again and again automatically.

Amoled Black Theme:

It also features Amoled Black Theme which helps to minimize eye and battery strain.

youtube vacned setting

How to install Youtube Vanced on your phone?

Youtube Vanced is quite easy to download on your smartphone you need to follow some simple steps. There are so many ways to install this incredible app on your smartphone depending upon whether your device is rooted or non-rooted you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

User with rooted devices:

  • Firstly the user must use the Magisk module or any other app similar to it to disable the automatic APK verification. The Magisk modules are suitable for devices like Android 9 or lower versions.
  • After that install SAI (Split APK Installer) and enable root mode.
  • Next, choose the APK files you want to install.
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Install’ button and the app will be installed on your phone shortly.

For non-rooted devices:

  • First of all download the latest versions of Google Play services called MicroG and install this app.
  • Next, visit the Play Store of your phone and install the Split APK Installer app.

youtube vanced installing



Youtube Vanced APK FAQs

What is Youtube Vanced Android and iOS APK?

It is one of the most trending modded versions of Youtube, developed by Master_T, and also known as iYTBP (injected Youtube Background Playback).

Is Youtube Vanced Illegal?

Yes, Youtube Vanced is legally used completely under the laws of our country. This is the unofficial modded version of official Youtube. If you want to download and use this app personally then you must observe the legal systems of the country.

Is there any video download feature?

No, but there is an official Youtube offline video feature that is available for supported countries.

Is there a need to install a detach script for each and every latest update?


Does Picture and Picture mode really work?

Yes, but only in Oreo.

Final Verdict:

By all means, it’s an amazing Apk app designed with features that will leave you spellbound. Moreover, this app is free to install with no hidden charges with a user-friendly interface. So, download Youtube Vanced as it is 100% safe to install and enjoy the add-free movies also play your favorite music by using other applications on your smartphone.
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